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2021 NerdWallet Best-Of Awards Winner

Lump Sum Extra Payment Calculator

Looking to make a large one-time extra payment toward your student loans? See how much money you’ll save on interest and the time you’ll save on repayment.

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This is the extra one-time lump sum payment you would like to put toward your loan to pay down the principal.
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Add Multiple Loans

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Looking for other ways to pay off student loans fast? Check your prequalified refinance rates and terms to see how much you can save.

FAQs – Lump Sum Extra Payment Calculator

Yes, of course you can! Paying off school loans early is a strategy thousands of student loan borrowers take advantage of. You can do so by making additional payments, increasing your monthly payments, or refinancing to a shorter term. All of these strategies are effective and typically there aren’t any prepayment penalties to worry about.

By having a plan in place to pay your loans sooner than expected, you can save money on accrued interest costs, get rid of student debt once and for all, and move on to bigger and better financial goals.

Common tips for paying off student loans early include making consistent larger monthly payment than you actually owe, using cash windfalls like work bonuses, tax returns, and gifts to put toward your student loan balance, putting any spare money left at the end of each month to your student debt, or refinancing to a shorter term length.

When refinancing your student loans, you can also choose a quicker repayment term than the Standard Repayment Plan of 10 years. By choosing a shorter term, you can pay off your loans sooner and get rid of them for good — while maximizing your savings on costly interest.

No, there are zero fees with a student loan refinance through Purefy. Our lenders never charge origination fees, application fees, or prepayment penalties, and we don’t think you should face any additional charges for trying to save money.