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Parent PLUS Loan Refinance Calculator

Parent PLUS Loan rates are often the highest of any federal student loan. Calculate your savings with lower rate and see the impact of paying off PLUS loans faster.

Step 1: Enter Current Loan Information

Loan Balance
Your remaining student loan debt to be repaid.
Interest Rate
The amount that the lender charges in interest, expressed as a percentage.
Current Monthly Payment
The total amount of your monthly student loan bill.
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Step 2: Enter New Loan Information

New Interest Rate
Your updated interest rate after refinancing student loans.
The length of time you have to repay your student loan debt in full.

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Step 3: See How Much You Can Save


Lifetime Interest


New Monthly



Current Loan New Loan Savings
Rate 6.7% 4.2% 2.5%
Lifetime Interest $37,520 $22,210 $15,310
Monthly Payment $1,146 $1,018 $128

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FAQs – Parent PLUS Loan Refinance Calculator

Refinancing allows you to take out a loan from a private lender that covers the cost of your current debt. The new loan is completely different from your old ones — with a new repayment term, interest rate, and monthly payment. And, if you had multiple student loans before, refinancing gives you just one loan and one monthly payment going forward.

Refinancing your Parent PLUS loans and lowering your current interest rate can be a very big deal for your finances — especially when considering Parent PLUS Loans typically have the highest interest rate of any federal student loan. Your student loan balance can quickly balloon with such a high rate, making refinancing Parent PLUS Loans a smart financial decision for many families.

All Parent PLUS loans get the same high, fixed interest rate regardless of your credit score. This rate is set every year by the federal government. For example, the rate for the 2018-2019 school year was 7.60%. If you choose to refinance with a new provider and have good credit, you may find that you qualify for a substantially lower interest rate on multiple student loan options — saving you a large sum of money in the process of paying off your new loan.

To be eligible for Parent PLUS Loan refinancing, you’ll need a strong credit history, at least one outstanding education loan, and steady income. Qualified borrowers may be offered significantly better rates and terms than they currently have on their Parent PLUS Loans, based on their creditworthiness including credit score, income, debt-to-income ratio, and other factors. If you have bad credit, you may be able to qualify by adding a creditworthy cosigner to your application.

An excellent benefit of refinancing Parent PLUS loans is the ability to refinance them from your name to your child’s. If you took out Parent PLUS Loans to help your child pay for school, those loans are entirely in your name which can be a serious burden. That means you’re solely responsible for them, and with high interest rates, the loans can be expensive and difficult to repay. Plus, having them on your credit report can affect your ability to qualify for other forms of loans, such as a mortgage. If your child is doing well in their career and is earning enough money to take over the loans, you may be able to transfer the loans into their name through student loan refinancing. By using this strategy, your child will then be responsible for the loan, and you would no longer be obligated to repay the debt — allowing you to focus on your other financial goals.