2021 NerdWallet Best-of Awards Winner for Best Student Loan Refinancing Overall
2021 NerdWallet Best-Of Awards Winner

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Purefy is here to help student loans borrowers realize their financial goals — from applying for private loans and paying less interest to refinancing student loans and ditching debt sooner.

The Purefy Difference

With Purefy, you can save money on student loan interest while customizing your term to pay off debt on your schedule. Whether you’re a student loan borrower, parent, or current college student, Purefy has the tools you need to achieve student loan success. Purefy’s Compare Rates tool allows you to check student loan and refinance lenders, rates, and terms with complete confidence. Our goal is the same as yours — to find the best loan for your financial needs.


With just one fast form, you can compare student loan and refinancing options from reputable, well-known lenders as often as you’d like. Take a few minutes to fill out your financial information and see your rates in less than 15 seconds — with no impact on your credit whatsoever. Filter your choices based on your own goals, pick your favorite offer, and apply in under 15 minutes with the lender of your choosing. It’s seamless and simple.


Our award-winning Student Loan Advisors are here when you need us. Get personalized advice on the entire student loan process — from life with student loans all the way to debt-free living. If you’re looking for strategies to repay student loans more easily, schedule a one-on-one refinancing consultation and learn your options. We’re ready when you are, and can answer any questions along the way.


At Purefy, transparency is our #1 priority. We provide a clear and honest approach to comparing student loan and refinancing rates — with no teaser rates or lender bias. The rates, lenders, and terms you see are what you pre-qualify for based on your personal information and a soft credit check. And with an easy-to-use sortable chart, you can quickly identify your best choice. Whether you want a lower rate, a longer term, or a bit of both, you have total control.

Award-Winning Student Loan Advisors

Purefy’s team of award-winning Student Loan Advisors know how to help — just ask NerdWallet.

If you’re looking for guidance on private student loans or repaying your student debt, you’ve come to the right place. Simply contact us at 202.524.1115 or [email protected]

Or if you have specific questions on student loan refinancing, book a free personal refinance consultation — on your schedule — to find out if it can work for you.

Award-Winning Student Loan Advisors

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Tips From Our Student Loan Advisors

Expert Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Better Manage Student Loans

Explore essential resources, step-by-step guides, and in-depth how-tos on private student loans, student loan repayment, life with student loans, and student loan refinancing.

Expert Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Better Manage Student Loans

About Purefy

Purefy was launched in 2014 to offer a simple, transparent, and time-saving way to find the best student loans. We are nimble, innovative, and dedicated to providing you tools and options to help lower your student loan rates and get out of debt sooner. Plus, we have the best team of Student Loan Advisors in the business.