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Want to know how much your student loan will cost? Check your monthly payment and interest based on your loan’s repayment term and rate.

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FAQs – Student Loan Calculator

Interest is the amount of money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money borrowed from a student loan lender, or for delaying the repayment of a student loan debt. In essence, it’s the “extra” money you have to pay back the lender for the opportunity to use their money to go to college (or pay off your existing student loans by refinancing).

Your repayment term is the amount of time (typically in years) that you are scheduled to repay your loan in full.

If you have high interest federal student loans or private student loans, getting a lower rate through a student loan refinance will reduce the total interest you pay and save you money – both month to month and over the life of your loan.

Obtaining a lower interest rate can decrease your monthly payments, but so could refinancing to a longer repayment term. By selecting a longer term, you can ensure that your monthly payment is as low as possible to provide some relief to your monthly budget. Plus, you’ll have more expendable cash for other necessary expenses.

When refinancing your student loans, you can also choose a quicker repayment term than the Standard Repayment Plan of 10 years. By choosing a shorter term, you can pay off your loans sooner and get rid of them for good — while maximizing your savings on costly interest.

A big benefit of refinancing student loans is that it consolidates your loan payments into one. All your existing student loans that are refinanced will be consolidated into one new loan — with only one monthly payment and one loan servicer to worry about. If you hate the hassle of keeping track of multiple payments, potentially with multiple loan servicers, then student loan consolidation can be a smart way to simplify your finances.